Joe Arrigo


An employee of the staffing company Modis since September 2018, Joe Arrigo generates new business and attracts qualified job candidates as a resource development manager. His work with Modis focuses exclusively on the regional computer engineering and information technology sectors. Before he assumed his current position, Joe Arrigo served tenures as a legacy energy advisor with the rooftop solar-panel company SolarCity and four years as a sales manager with the floral-supplies distributor Sacramento Valley Floral Supply.

Currently residing in the Sacramento suburb of Orangevale, Joe Arrigo is a self-proclaimed book enthusiast who reads approximately 50 books each year. His other hobbies include lifting weights and playing table tennis and darts.

Arrigo is seriously interested in both philosophy and politics. He maintains a particular passion for saving the planet from environmental ruin, a mission that drives his interest in green innovators such as Elon Musk and companies such as SolarCity.